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Years of hard work and dedication have gone into making our lamb so special. Over time our local suppliers have perfected their breeding, feeding and farming practices to ensure all our lambs meet the strict specifications that makes Amelia Park Lamb always tender and full of young lamb flavour.

All the lambs are reared on lush pastures, on farms recognised for their vast open paddocks and stress-free environments. During the hotter months, when paddocks start to dry up, our lambs are finished on a grain diet and fed under cover in purpose built sheds. Feed lotting ensures that we get a consistent high quality lamb year round.

We  have a large range of prime cross-bred Western Australian lamb products available to suit all customer requirements, be it in carcass or part carcass form. From sucker lambs in the spring to grain fed lambs in the winter, premium lamb is guaranteed all year round.



Our deeply flavoursome beef comes from hand-selected cattle


Years of hard work and dedication have gone into making our lamb so special


V & V Walsh can supply whatever grade of mutton that is required by their customers


V & V Walsh produce all lamb and beef offals which are carefully trimmed and packed to our customers specifications


Frozen sheep runners (green) are available and will be packed to customer requirements