Our deeply flavoursome beef comes from hand-selected cattle of specific breeds that are finished on a strict grain diet administered by some of the best lot feeders in Australia.

The young cattle flourish on this high protein diet that ensures the beef and steaks are guaranteed meltingly tender and succulent.

All Amelia Park beef undergoes a rigorous grading process recognized internationally as MSA (Meat Standards Australia). After evaluating all aspects of the beef – age, PH levels, marble scores and fat colour – only the beef that scores highly carries our proud name.

We process top quality yearling beef throughout the year. Depending on the season, premium grass fed, grain fed and milk fed yearling beef is available in both carcass and part carcass form.



Our deeply flavoursome beef comes from hand-selected cattle


Years of hard work and dedication have gone into making our lamb so special


V & V Walsh can supply whatever grade of mutton that is required by their customers


V & V Walsh produce all lamb and beef offals which are carefully trimmed and packed to our customers specifications


Frozen sheep runners (green) are available and will be packed to customer requirements